True Facts

True Facts


1.      A master remains unaffected by the ups and downs in life.
2.      For resolute and determined, there is always time and opportunity.
Questi Hen – A bird which van be eaten before and after birth
Money – A guest that never stays for long
Poet –A person who get vegetables, eggs, shoes etc. free from without efforts.
3.      on is not whether we will die, but now we will live
4.      The great thing is not so much
where we stand as in what direction we are moving
5.      Life is a glorious gift,
how should we use this gift.
6.      Trust and compassion can reform a person.

Strange But True Facts
*      Mozart Wrote The Music Of “ Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star” At The Age Of  5 Years.
*      The Longest Word Of English Language Has 28 Letter, It Is: Flocipaucinihilipilification.
*      Human Beings Are The Only Animals Who Sleep On Their Back.
*      A Moth Never Eats. It Has No Mouth And No Stomach.
*      The Only Snake Which Makes A Nest Is The Kind Cobra.


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